Mr Edward Moon

1858 - September 11, 1949
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KING'S SPEECH (MOTION FOR AN ADDRESS). Commons February 3, 1904

Customs Duty—Tobacco for Personal Consumption Commons February 8, 1904

Appointment of British Consuls at Muk den, Antung, and Tatungkau. Commons February 16, 1904

Russian Tonnage Dues at Port Arthur. Commons February 16, 1904

2 speeches — KINGS SPEECH (MOTION FOR AN ADDRESS). Commons February 17, 1904

Russia and the Treaty of Aigun. Commons February 18, 1904

CLASS II. Commons February 24, 1904

Interference with Patients treated at the Macedonian Relief Hospital at Castoria. Commons March 7, 1904

Reorganisation of Macedonian Gendarmerie. Commons March 10, 1904

Future of the Volunteer Force—Report of Royal Commission. Commons March 14, 1904

Suez Canal Convention. Commons March 18, 1904

CONSOLIDATION FUND (No. 1) BILL. Commons March 28, 1904

EAST INDIAN REVENUES (TIBET). Commons April 13, 1904

Officers of Macedonian Gendarmerie. Commons April 18, 1904

Discharges from South African Constabulary. Commons April 20, 1904

Chinese Labour Ordinance and Regulations. Commons April 20, 1904


Belgian and Swedish Officers of Turkish Gendarmerie. Commons June 8, 1904

European Officers of Macedonian Gendarmerie. Commons June 8, 1904

Duties of Foreign Officers in Macedonian Gendarmerie. Commons June 16, 1904

Consular Vote—Payment for Commercial Intelligence. Commons June 23, 1904

Delimitation of Anglo-German Boundary in Central Africa—Amount of Estimate. Commons June 23, 1904

Macedonian Gendarmerie-Payment to Colonel Fairholme. Commons June 24, 1904

Expenditure of Money Voted for Unfore seen Services. Commons June 24, 1904

Constitution of the Consular Service—Recommendations of Committee. Commons June 27, 1904

The Mutessarifliks of Selfidge and Koritza and the Muerzteg Agreement. Commons June 29, 1904

British Commercial Agent at Vladivostock. Commons June 29, 1904

Prohibition against Macedonians and Bulgarians Moving to other Parts of European Turkey. Commons June 30, 1904

Terms of Retirement of Paymasters of Army Pay Department. Commons July 5, 1904

Medal for Naval Service against Fenians in 1868. Commons July 6, 1904

Proposed Tithe Schemes for Villages in European Turkey. Commons July 14, 1904

Constitution of New Army Finance Department. Commons July 29, 1904

Area of Spheres of the Gendarmerie Officers of the Five Powers in Macedonia. Commons August 11, 1904

Papers on Macedonia Commons August 11, 1904

Sphere Allotted to England in Macedonia. Commons August 15, 1904

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