HC Deb 01 November 1909 vol 12 cc1448-627

Lords Amendments considered.


I would ask at this moment the indulgence of the House, and entirely for its convenience, the privilege of stating very briefly the attitude of the Government towards the Amendments to this Bill which appear on the Paper to-day. It perhaps would be convenient if I were to give the number and the character of those Amendments in the briefest possible form. There are 181 Amendments to this Bill upon the Paper, of which 39 were moved or accepted by the Government in another place. A number of these 39 were to keep faith with promises and pledges that were made in this House. The remainder, in the opinion of the Government, were not incompatible with the main principles of the Bill. To apply the Bill to Scottish law, custom, and procedure 24 other Amendments were necessary. Important, but not vital, Amendments carried against the Government in another place numbered 18. Amendments consequential to these 18 numbered no less than 47. Minor Amendments carried against the Government were 19, and the Amendments consequential on the insertion of these 19 Amendments were 30. But the vital Amendments, which the Government consider are destructive of the principles and character of the Bill, numbered in our opinion not more than four or five. It would be perhaps allowable if I were to say, having given those facts about the Amendments and their character careful consideration, that a review of all the facts leads me to the conclusion that this Bill ought to pass, and in my judgment will pass. The time and trouble spent upon it, in all its progress during the last two years, namely 35 days, either in the House of Lords or in this House or in the Committees thereof, supplemented by 36 days in the Special Committee to which the original Bill was remitted, in all more than 70 days of Parliamentary time, leads me to the belief that the House of Commons will insist upon this Bill in its main features becoming an Act of Parliament. What is more, we believe that Parliament will not allow its labours to be thrown away on such a well-considered measure of sober and equitable sanitary reform; and we believe that as this Bill is fraught with great benefit to the working classes in particular and immense benefit to the community as a whole, a serious responsibility will rest upon any section if an Act of this beneficent character is prevented from being admitted to the Statute Book. As regards the four vital Amendments, I will indicate the attitude of the Government on each of them when we come to them. I need only say here that I believe that on second thoughts, when the Amendments from another place, which we intend to reject today, reach the other place, the points at issue will receive more sympathetic consideration than some of them in the same place have received. We cannot be expected to sympathise with emendations that do not amend, nor favour Amendments that do not improve, nor welcome omissions that cripple, nor rejoice at additions which omit important principles and practice that we deem necessary for a good Housing Bill. But having said that, I trust that the House of Commons will meet the difficulties of a great problem such as this Bill embodies with firmness and with moderation, so that all its labours for housing the working classes will remove the existing evils under which the poor live and have their being in large cities, and that as a result of our labours, our firmness and our moderation, each at the right time and in proper proportion, we will prevent the recurrence or these housing evils, and by this Bill being passed into law we will do something to prevent the recurrence of many things that we now see, not only with regard to housing, but also with regard to the badly ordered condition of towns, cities, and even villages, to rectify which is the object of the Bill that I now have to submit to the House of Commons.

  1. CLAUSE 2.—(Provisions as to Acquisition of Land under Part III.) 8,010 words, 1 division
  2. c1468
  3. CLAUSE 7.—(Expenditure of Money for Housing Purposes in Case of Settled Land.) 92 words
  4. cc1468-75
  5. CLAUSE 10.—(Powers of Enforcing Execution of Housing Acts.) 2,909 words, 1 division
  6. cc1475-83
  7. CLAUSE 10.—(Power of Local Government Board on Complaint to Enforce Exercise of Powers.) 3,680 words, 1 division
  8. cc1483-4
  9. CLAUSE 12.—(Powers of County Council to act in Default of Rural District Council under Fart III.) 245 words
  10. c1485
  11. CLAUSE 13.—(Power of County Council to Exercise Powers of Mural District Council under Part III.) 355 words
    1. cc1485-9
    2. CLAUSE 14.—(Extension of s. 75 of the Principal Act.) 1,373 words
    3. cc1489-509
    4. CLAUSE 15.—(Condition as to Keeping Houses Let to Persons of the Working Classes in Repair.) 9,047 words, 2 divisions
    5. cc1509-14
    6. CLAUSE 15.—(Condition as to Keeping Houses Let to Persons of the Working Classes in Repair.) 1,909 words
    7. cc1514-5
    8. CLAUSE 16.—(Extension of Power for Making Bye-laws with respect to Lodging-houses for the Working Classes.) 307 words
    9. cc1515-9
    10. CLAUSE 17.—(Amendment of Procedure for Closing Orders and Demolition Orders.— Duty of Local Authority as to Closing of Dwelling-house Unfit for Human Habi- tation.) 1,386 words
    11. cc1519-28
    12. CLAUSE 23.—(Amendment of Principal Act as to Contents of Schemes.) 3,703 words, 1 division
    13. cc1528-30
    14. CLAUSE 28.—(Amendment as to the Vesting of Water Pipes, etc.) 926 words
    15. cc1530-45
    16. CLAUSE 32.—(Expenses of Rural District Council under Part III. of the Prin- cipal Act.) 6,840 words, 2 divisions
    17. c1545
    18. CLAUSE 39.—(Joint Action by Local Authori- ties.) 100 words
    19. cc1546-7
    20. CLAUSE 40.—(Appeals to Local Government Board.) 315 words
    21. cc1547-8
    22. CLAUSE 42.—(Power to Prescribe Forms and to Dispense with Advertisements and Notices.) 400 words
    23. cc1548-59
    24. CLAUSE 44.—(Prohibition of Back-to-Back Houses.) 4,331 words
    25. c1559
    26. CLAUSE 50.—(Definition of Cottage.) 180 words
    27. cc1559-64
    28. CLAUSE 53.—(Application of Housing Acts to Scotland.) 1,598 words
    1. cc1564-81
    2. CLAUSE 54.—(Preparation and Approval of Town Planning Scheme.) 7,214 words, 1 division
    3. cc1581-7
    4. CLAUSE 55.—(Contents of Town Planning Schemes.) 2,893 words, 2 divisions
    5. cc1587-8
    6. CLAUSE 57.—(Power to Enforce Scheme.) 140 words
    7. cc1588-97
    8. CLAUSE 58.—(Compensation in, Respect of Property Injuriously Affected by Scheme, etc.) 3,641 words, 1 division
    9. cc1597-601
    10. CLAUSE 59.—(Exclusion or Limitation of Compensation in Certain Cases.) 1,646 words
    11. c1602
    12. CLAUSE 61.—(Powers of Local Government Board in Case of Default of Local Authority to Make or Execute Town Planning Scheme.) 213 words
    13. cc1602-3
    14. CLAUSE 62.—(Determination of Matters by Local Government Board.) 368 words
    15. cc1603-6
    16. CLAUSE 65.—(Definition of Local Authority and Expenses.) 1,191 words, 1 division
    17. c1607
    18. CLAUSE 66.—(Application to London.) 102 words
    19. c1607
    20. CLAUSE 67.—(Application of Part II. To Scotland.) 53 words
    1. cc1607-19
    2. CLAUSE 68.—(Appointment of Medical Officer by County Council.) 4,952 words, 2 divisions
    3. c1619
    4. CLAUSE 69.—(Duty of Clerk and Medical Officer of Health of District Council to Furnish Information to Medical Officer of Health of County Council.) 73 words
    5. cc1619-20
    6. CLAUSE 10.—(Extent of Part III.) 81 words
    7. c1620
    8. CLAUSE 71.—(Public Health and Housing Committee of County Councils.) 38 words
  15. SCHEDULE I. 1,254 words
  16. c1624
  17. SECOND SCHEDULE.—(Minor Amendments of Housing Acts.) 27 words
  18. cc1624-5
  19. FOURTH SCHEDULE.—(Matters to be dealt with by General Provisions prescribed by the Local Government Board.) 66 words
  20. c1625
  21. FIFTH SCHEDULE. 118 words
  22. cc1625-7
  23. SIXTH SCHEDULE.—(Enactments Repealed.) 348 words