HC Deb 01 November 1909 vol 12 c1485

(1) Where the council of a county are of opinion that for any reason it is expedient that the council should exercise, as respects any rural district in the county, any of the powers of a local authority under Part III. of the principal Act, the council, after giving notice to the council of the district of their intention to do so, may apply to the Local Government Board for an Order conferring such powers on them.

(2) Upon such an application being made the Board may make an Order conferring on the county council as respects the rural district all or any of the powers of a local authority under Part III. of the principal Act, and thereupon the provisions of the Housing Acts relating to those powers (including those enabling the Public Works Loans Commissioners to lend, and fixing the terms for which money may be lent and borrowed), shall apply as if the council were a local authority under Part III. of the principal Act: Provided that the expenses incurred by the county council under any such Order shall be defrayed as expenses for general county purposes.

(3) Where, under any such Order, the county council have executed any works in a rural district they may transfer the works to the council of that district on such terms and subject to such conditions as may be agreed between them.

Lords Amendment: After "purposes" ["defrayed as expenses for general county purposes"], insert "unless after a local inquiry the county council are satisfied that it is just to limit the charge for the whole or part of the expenses so incurred to the rural district or to some conributory place or places therein, in which case they may order that any such expenses shall be so charged."


This appears to alter the incidence of local rates, and if that is so it comes within the Rule which this House has laid down for itself, that it can alone determine the incidence of rates.

Mr. BURNS moved, "That this House doth disagree with the Lords in the said Amendment."

House disagreed with Lords Amendment.