HC Deb 04 April 1944 vol 398 cc1828-976

Considered in Committee [Progress, 30th March].

[Major MILNER in the Chair]

Mr. Reakes (Wallasey)

On a point of Order, relating to Business to-day, can the Leader of the House tell us what will be the procedure, in the event of an Amendment, which is to be considered later, being carried? Will the Government—

The Chairman

That is not in Order now.

Mr. Maxton (Glasgow, Bridgeton)

Since the suspension of the Rule has been carried, could the Leader of the House give us any indication as to how long the Government propose to keep the Committee to-day?

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Mr. Eden)

We very much hope not very late. We do not want to sit late, but it depends largely on the Committee.

  1. CLAUSE 93.—(Grants in aid of educational services.) 19,200 words
  2. cc1875-922
  3. CLAUSE 95.—(Maintenance contributions payable by the Minister in respect of aided schools and special agreement schools.) 18,796 words
  4. cc1922-4
  5. CLAUSE 96.—(Power of the Minister to make grants in respect of aided schools and special agreement schools transferred to new sites or established in substitution for former schools.) 971 words
  6. cc1924-8
  7. CLAUSE 97.—(Contributions between local education authorities.) 1,589 words
  8. cc1929-31
  9. CLAUSE 99.—(Power to facilitate commencement of Part 11.) 1,145 words
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  11. CLAUSE 101.—(Regulations to be laid before Parliament.) 1,925 words
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  13. CLAUSE 103.— (Interpretation.) 1,365 words
  14. cc1940-1
  15. CLAUSE 105.—(Saving as to persons of unsound mind, inmates of pen al establishments, etc.) 194 words
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  17. CLAUSE 106.—(Application to London.) 145 words
  18. cc1941-2
  19. CLAUSE 108.—(Commencement.) 292 words
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  21. NEW CLAUSE.—(Power of Minister to make loans to aided schools and special agreement schools in respect of initial expenditure.) 5,198 words
  22. cc1955-7
  23. NEW CLAUSE.—(Power to ensure cleanliness.) 1,344 words
  24. cc1957-8
  25. NEW CLAUSE.—(Exemption from building bye laws of buildings approved by the Minister.) 274 words
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  27. NEW CLAUSE.—(Power of local education authorities to make grants to universities and university colleges.) 282 words
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  29. NEW CLAUSE.—(Prohibition of employment of schoolchildren.) 4,019 words
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  31. NEW CLAUSE.—(Travelling Expenses.) 304 words
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  33. NEW CLAUSE.—(Part of school life abroad.) 750 words
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  35. NEW CLAUSE.—(Independent denominational secondary secondary schools.) 695 words
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  37. NEW CLAUSE.—(Clerical help.) 578 words
  38. c1976
  39. ADJOURNMENT 8 words