HC Deb 30 July 1935 vol 304 cc2613-26

Order for Consideration of Lords Amendments read.

Motion made, and Question, "That the Lords Amendments be now considered," put and agreed to.—[Sir G. Collins.]

Lords Amendments considered accordingly.

  1. CLAUSE 1.—(Duty of local authority to inspect and to make reports and proposals as to overcrowding.) 83 words
  2. cc2613-4
  3. CLAUSE 7.—(Inforination with respect to the permitted number and certification of number and floor areas of rooms.) 107 words
  4. c2614
  5. CLAUSE 11.—(Duty of medical officers to furnish, particulars of overcrowding.) 113 words
  6. cc2614-5
  7. CLAUSE 16.—(Application of certain provisions of the Acts of 1925 and 1930 for purposes of redevelopment provisions.) 264 words
  8. c2615
  9. CLAUSE 22.—(Scottish Housing Advisory Committee.) 126 words
  10. cc2615-6
  11. CLAUSE 25.—(Definition of housing association.) 105 words
  12. cc2616-7
  13. CLAUSE 26.—(Power of local authority to make arrangements with housing associations.) 367 words
  14. c2617
  15. NEW CLAUSE A.—(Unification of conditions affecting housing associations' houses.) 198 words
  16. cc2617-8
  17. CLAUSE 27.—(Amendments of the Act of 1925 as to public utility societies, etc.) 281 words
  18. cc2618-9
  19. CLAUSE 39.—(Credits and debits in Housing Revenue Account.) 107 words
  20. c2619
  21. CLAUSE 46.—(Conditions to be observed by local authorities.) 260 words
  22. c2620
  23. CLAUSE 54.—(Application of certain, provisions of Acts of 1925 and 1930 to resolutions for demolition under this Part.) 239 words
  24. cc2620-1
  25. CLAUSE 55.—(Amendment as to premises in clearance area on ground of bad arrangement, etc., and repeal of provision for reduction of compensation.) 281 words
  26. cc2621-2
  27. NEW CLAUSE.—(Obligation, of the Department to state reasons for deciding that a building is unfit for human habitation.) 274 words
  28. c2622
  29. CLAUSE 56.—(Payments in respect of well-maintained houses.) 120 words
  30. cc2622-3
  31. CLAUSE 57.—(Arrangements where acquisition of land in clearance area found to be unnecessary.) 295 words
  32. cc2623-4
  33. CLAUSE 58.—(Power to exchange clearance area land in lieu of sale under s. 4 of Act of 1930.) 63 words
  34. c2624
  35. CLAUSE 67.—(By-laws.) 70 words
  36. cc2624-5
  37. CLAUSE 72.—(Duty of local authority to have regard to amenity, etc.) 257 words
  38. c2625
  39. SECOND SCHEDULE.—(Provision as to the compulsory purchase of land in connection with re-development in accordance with a re-development plan.) 70 words
  40. cc2625-6
  41. FIFTH SCHEDULE.—(Consequential, drafting and minor amendments.) 139 words