HC Deb 08 May 1934 vol 289 c935

As amended (in Committee and on recommittal), further considered [3rd Allotted Day].

  1. CLAUSE 14.—(Provision of authorised courses and other courses of instruction and training, and payments to persons attending thereat.) 3,208 words
  2. cc943-73
  3. CLAUSE 15.—(Power to require attendance of persons under eighteen at authorised courses.) 12,666 words, 2 divisions
  4. cc973-1019
  5. CLAUSE 18.—(Establishment of Unemployment Insurance Statutory Committee and duties of Committee as respects Unemployment Fund.) 18,786 words, 2 divisions
  6. cc1019-24
  7. CLAUSE 19.—(Treasury advances to Unemployment Fund.) 2,003 words
  8. cc1024-5
  9. CLAUSE 20.—(Duties of Unemployment Insurance Statutory Committee at respects regulations and advice.) 342 words
  10. c1025
  11. CLAUSE 28.—(Power of Minister to assist schemes for promoting greater regularity of employment.) 107 words
  12. cc1026-8
  13. CLAUSE 32.—(Interpretation of Part I and construction of references.) 1,105 words
  14. cc1028-9
  15. CLAUSE 33.—(Application of Part I to Scotland.) 160 words
  16. cc1029-55
  17. CLAUSE 36.—(Unemployment Assistance Board and advisory committees.) 10,518 words, 1 division