HC Deb 29 March 1909 vol 3 cc35-6

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland if he can state on what terms the Irish Land Commission will sell the property of the late Mr. W. B. C. Ruthven, and which was mortgaged by him to the Irish Land Commission, to the tenants who reside in the townlands of Satrissaun North, Satrissaun South, Gubadraish, Shivdilla, Lisomadawn, Cornagrish South, and Cornagrish North, all of which are situate in the barony of Mohill and county of Leitrirn; and, as a notice has been served on each of the tenants in those townlands that the Irish Land Commission will serve writs on those tenants with a view to determining the interest of the late Mr. Ruthven, which he had mortgaged, if he can state if those tenants will have to pay any of the legal costs incurred m connection with the institution of such proceedings, or any of the arrears of rent that are due; and, as the tenants are anxious to buy their holdings and facilitate the Land Commission in every way, provided they know on what terms the property will be sold to them, if he can state presently what those terms will be?


The Land Commission are not in a position to state the terms on which this property will be sold. They inform me that the interest of the representatives of the late Mr. Ruthven therein has not yet been determined. The notice referred to in the question was given as an intimation that ejectment proceedings, if instituted, would not be taken with a view to disturbing the tenants in occupation.