HC Deb 28 June 1909 vol 7 cc29-30

asked whether anything has been done by the Estates Commissioners; if so, what in reference to the following tracts of untenanted land in county Cavan, Rosehill Farm, Drumlane, Clowney, Rinn, Deramfield, Ture, Slievebriekan, Mackan and Stranadara; who is supposed to be in charge of this neglected district; and are any observations taken to check the work which inspectors are employed to do or get done?


The Estates Commissioners have given notice of their intention to acquire the lands of Rosehill, but the owner lodged objections, and the lands have not yet been acquired. They also notified their intention of acquiring Rinn and Deramfield, but the owner appealed, and the judge who heard the ap- peal decided that the lands could not be acquired compulsorily. The Commissioners are unable to identify the other lands mentioned in the question as being for sale before them. There is no justification for the suggestion that the county is neglected, or that the Commissioners do not duly supervise the work of their inspectors. The Commissioners have purchased 2,075 acres of untenanted land in the county, and are in process of acquiring 1,532 acres.