HC Deb 28 June 1909 vol 7 c29

asked what was the nature of the tenure under which Colonel Comyn and Mr. Michael Flynn held their farms on the Dysart estate previous to the agreement entered into in 1905 by the landlord, Captain Mahon, and his tenants; how much money have they already received from the Estates Commissioners since they purchased their farms under the 1903 Act; under what section of the Act did they purchase; on what date did they sign the agreements; and will the Estates Commissioners insist upon paragraph 9 of the agreement between Captain Mahon and his tenants being carried out as well as the rest of the agreement?


The Estates Commissioners inform me that Messrs. Comyn and Flynn held the lands as yearly tenants and signed undertakings in November, 1908, to purchase at £1,266 (of which £200 has been paid in cash by the tenant) and £1,100 respectively under section 5 of the Irish Land Act, 1903. The Commissioners did not consider the lands suitable for distribution, and are not prepared to depart from the arrangements which they have made for the resale of this estate.