HC Deb 25 June 1908 vol 191 c70

To ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will state the quantities of tobacco permitted to be manufactured under the, various licence duties ranging from £5 5s. to £31 10s.; the total amounts derived from licence duties to wholesale tobacco manufacturers during the last seven years; whether the number of firms paying these is much reduced in that time; and whether he will continue the graduation of taxation up to a much higher poundage.

(Answered by Mr. Lloyd-George.) The quantities of tobacco permitted to be manufactured under the various rates of licence duty are as follows—

Licence Duty. Ibs.
£5 5s. not exceeding 20,000
£10 10s. not exceeding 40,000
£15 15s. not exceeding 60,000
£21 0s. not exceeding 80,000
£26 5s. not exceeding 100,000
£31 10s. exceeding 100,000
The following is a statement of the number of licences granted, and the net receipt of duty from such licences in the seven years ended 31st March, 1908—
Year. Number of licenses issued. Duty.
1901–2 502 6,846
1902–3 482 6,435
1903–4 464 6,079
1904–5 441 5,843
1905–6 429 5,460
1906–7 415 5,486
1907–8 415 5,408
It is not considered advisable to continue the graduation to a higher rate.