HC Deb 15 November 1906 vol 165 cc100-1

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, with reference to Lord Cromer's remarks on the subject in his memorandum on the Denshawi incident, dated 12tb July, 1906 (Egypt, No. 3, page 24), whether he will inform the House as to the steps, if any, which have been taken by the Egyptian Government with a view to amending, in the direction indicated by that memorandum, the Khedivial decree of 25th February, 1895, which establishes a special tribunal for the punishment of offences against soldiers or officers of the British Army; whether the reforms in question will include such alteration of Article 6 of the decree as will exclude from the scope of the special tribunal trial of offences committed by natives against officers or men of the Army of occupation when the latter are not engaged in the execution of their duty; and, in the event of this alteration not having already been made or contemplated, whether he will point out its desirability to Lord Cromer.


Lord Cromer has been examining the question since his return to Egypt, and it is still under consideration. Until a definite decision is arrived at I can make no statement on the subject, but the point raised by the hon. Member will be borne in mind.