HC Deb 28 June 1904 vol 136 cc1405-6
MR. H. C. RICHARDS (Finsbury, E.)

To ask the Secretary to the Board of Education whether His Majesty's inspectors have received instructions not to sign any time-table providing for religious instruction during school hours out of the school buildings; and, if so, will he say why such notification to His Majesty's inspectors has not been made public by the Board.

(Answered by Sir William Anson.) The Board will very shortly issue instructions to their inspectors in regard to the taking of children to church during school hours. It is not the general practice of the Board to make public the instructions which

Witwatersrand Mines. Value of Gold produced. Transvaal Gold Mines. Transvaal Gold Mines.
White men employed. Natives employed.
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May, 1897 867,844 Outside districts represent about one-twelfth of Witwatersrand output 9,519 (average for year) 69,098 (average for year)
May, 1898 1,211,765 1,288,234 10,684 (average for year) 82,062 (average for year)
May, 1899 1,582,010 1,658,268 12,000 (about) 95,000 (about)
May, 1902 588,746 588,746 6,727 (June) 29,410 (June)
May, 1903 955,854 995,463 11,439 (at work) 64,480
May, 1904 1,302,294 1,335,826 (figure not received) 70,778

they issue to their inspectors, and they see no reason for making an exception in this instance.