HC Deb 15 June 1904 vol 136 c133
MR. P. J. O'BRIEN (Tipperary, N.)

To ask the Postmaster-General, with a view of having Nenagh connected with the telephone system of the United Kingdom, and in order to ascertain the information the Department requires, if he will state approximately the number of persons who would be required to rent exchange lines at Nenagh; and what is the ordinary tariff rate.

(Answered by Lord Stanley.) The ordinary rate of subscription for an unlimited local service on a Post Office provincial exchange is £7 10s. a year. On the message rate system the subscription is £3 a year, with a fee of 1d. for each local call originated by the subscriber. The minimum payment on account of the calls is £1 10s. a year. The number of subscribers required to justify an extension of the telephone trunk system to Nenagh must depend chiefly upon the cost of constructing and maintaining the line between Limerick and Nenagh. I am obtaining estimates for this work and will inform the hon. Member of the number required as soon as possible. An extension of the telephone trunk system to Nenagh could be carried oat at any time under a guarantee of about £145 a year for seven years.