HC Deb 21 July 1904 vol 138 cc776-7
* MR. O'DOWD (Sligo, S.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he can give the date on which the Weir Estate, situate near Riverstown, county Sligo, ceased to be administered in the Land ‡ See (4) Debates, cxxxi., 317. Judge's Court; whether it was during its administration by the Court that the Knockalassa grazing farm, forming part of the estate in question, was sold to a non-resident bailiff; whether he will give the date and circumstances of that sale, and say whether, in the event of the Estates Commissioners or Congested Districts Board now purchasing the Weir Estate, some steps will be taken to have this ranche utilised for the enlargement of the small holdings surrounding it.


The farm referred to was sold by the Land Judge in July, 1903, at a large price and after some competition. The remainder of the estate remains under the administration of the Land Judge, who proposes to offer the unsold lands to the tenants under Section 40 of the Act of 1896.


Will the tenants of the small holdings get any advantage from the breaking up of the large lands on this property?


The farm was sold in July last year before the Land Act was passed.