HC Deb 27 April 1903 vol 121 cc462-3

On behalf of the hon. Member for South Donegal, I beg to ask the Secretary of State for India if he can state the amount received up to date in respect of the All-Indian Memorial for the construction of a white marble building on the eastern side of India, on or near the banks of the Hughli; and whether, in case the Calcutta site is not finally decided upon, he will consider the advisability of placing the monumental building near Delhi or Agra, where Indian marbles can be readily obtained, there by avoiding the excessive cost of importing that material from Europe; and will he state what proportions of this fund have been contributed by princes and chiefs who are under the supervision of the Governor-General's agents or other officers of the Political Department, by Zemindars or the privileged or wealthy classes, and by the general public respectively; and whether, in view of the circumstances of India, some appreciable portion of this All-India fund can be applied to productive, remedial, or beneficial purposes.

THE UNDER SECRETARY FOR INDIA (Earl Percy,) Kensington, S.

According to the last report received, the total subscriptions up to 20th March last to the Queen Victoria Memorial Fund were Rs. 48,19,861, of which Rs. 18,26,845 were still outstanding. I understand that the Calcutta site has been finally decided upon. The Secretary of State has no information as to the proportions contributed to the Fund by the different classes mentioned in the Question. The fund is not at the disposal of the Government; the purpose to which it is to be applied has been determined by the subscribers.