HC Deb 05 February 1900 vol 78 c582

I beg to ask the Lord Advocate what balance, if any, of the sums of money granted by Parliament for the purposes of the Congested Districts Relief (Scotland) Act is in hand; and what sums have been expended upon the principal objects of the Act—namely, the acquisition of cultivable land suitable for crofters and the extension of existing crofters' holdings.


The balance referred to by the hon. Member was on the 31st ultimo £62,678 17s. 10d. There are, however, large liabilities by the Congested Districts Board for grants promised, upon the recommendation of their Agricultural and Works Committees, on fulfilment of certain conditions, amounting to about £27,000. In respect of migration only £1,451 has been actually paid, but negotiations in regard to the purchase of land at Bowe Syre, and other places, are pending which may involve the Board in payments of £18,000. The Board may thus be called upon to find £45,000 out of the balance in hand. I may add that the Board consider that it is much better to proceed with caution than by precipitate action in disregard of economic conditions to risk the making of mistakes which would defeat the purposes for which the Board was established.