HL Deb 27 February 1899 vol 67 cc582-3

To be read a second time on Monday next.

Aberdeen Harbour Bill [H.L.]

Arbroath Corporation Gas Bi11 [H.L.]

Bristol Floods Prevention Bill [H.L.]

Coalville Urban District Gas Bill [H.L.]

Colonial and Foreign Banks Guarantee Fund Bill [H.L.]

Fylde Water Board Bill [H.L.]

Hampstead Church (Emmanuel West End) Bill [H.L.]

Hastings Harbour Bill [H.L.]

Infant Orphan Asylum Bill [H.L.]

Inverness Harbour Bill [H.L.]

Kew Bridge Bill [H.L.]

Mersey Docks and Harbour Board (Finance) Bill [H.L.]


Aberdeen Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Barton-on-Sea Water Bill [H.L.]

Birkenhead Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Bognor Urban District Water Bill [H.L.]

Bury Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Bury Corporation Water Bill [H.L.]

Church Stretton Water Bill [H.L.]

Clyde Navigation Bill [H.L.]

Cobham Gas Bill [H.L.]

Cromer Protection Bill [H.L.]

Dumbarton Burgh Bill [H.L.]

Dundee Gas, Tramways, and Extension Bill [H.L.]

Gainsborough Urban District Council (Gas) Bill [H.L.]

Glasgow Corporation (Tramways, etc.) Bill [H.L.]

Glasgow Corporation (Gas and Water) Bill [H.L.]

Glastonbury Water Bill [H.L.]

Great Yarmouth Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Great Yarmouth Pier Bill [H.L.]

Grosvenor Chapel (London) Bill [H L.]

Hastings Corporation Tramways Bill [H.L.]

Humber Conservancy Bill [H.L.]

Kirkcaldy Corporation and Tramways Bill [H.L.]

Lanarkshire (Middle Ward District) Water Bill [H.L.]

Leigh-on-Sea Urban District Council Bill [H.L.]

Llanelly Harbour and Pontardulais Railway Bill [H.L.]

Loughborough Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Manchester Corporation Tramways Bill [H.L.]

Mersey Docks and Harbour Board (Pilotage) Bill [H.L.]

Mid-Kent Gas Bill [H.L.]

Moss Side Urban District Council (Tramways) Bill [H.L.]

Nene Valley Water Bill [H.L.]

Oldham Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Perth Water, Police, and Gas Bill [H.L.]

Portsmouth Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Queen's Ferry Bridge Bill [H.L.]

Rawenstall Corporation Water Bill [H.L.]

Renfrew Burgh and Harbour Extension Bill [H.L.]

Salford Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Skipton Urban District Gas Bill [H.L.]

Southampton Corporation Water Bill[H.L.]

Stockton and Middlesbrough Water Bill [H.L.]

Stretford Urban District Council (Tramways) Bill [H.L.]

Sunderland Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Wakefield Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Wallasey Tramways and Improvements Bill [H.L.]

Whitehaven Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Wick and Pulteney Harbours Bill [H.L.]

Wishaw Water Bill [H.L.]

Withington Urban District Council (Tramways) Bill [H.L.]

Wolverhampton Corporation Bill [H.L.]

Workington Corporation Water Bill [H.L.]

Committed: the Committees to be proposed by the Committee of Selection.

Newhaven and Seaford Water Board Bill [H.L.]

Southport and Lytham Tramroad Bill [H.L.]

Skipton Gas Bill [H.L.]

Caledonian Railway (General Powers) Bill [H.L.]

Glasgow and South-Western Railway Bill [H.L.]

Herne Bay Water Bill [H.L.]

North Staffordshire Railway Bill [H.L.]

Paisley and Barrhead District Railway Bill [H.L.]

Stretford Gas Bill [H.L.]

Walton-on-Thames and Weybridge Gas Bill [H.L.]

Read a second time.