HC Deb 02 April 1963 vol 675 cc348-9

Amendments made: In page 183, line 25, leave out from "for" to "on" in line 27 and insert: an entertainment which in the opinion of the Council is of an educational or other like character or is given for a charitable or other like purpose".

In page 187, line 21, at end insert:

Provisional grant of licences

15A.—(1) Where application is made to the Council for the grant of a licence under the Theatres Act 1843, the Cinematograph Act 1909 or paragraph 1 or 4 of this Schedule in respect of premises which are to be, or are in the course of being, constructed, extended or altered and the Council are satisfied that the premises would, if completed in accordance with plans deposited in accordance with the requirements of the Council, be such that the Council would grant the licence, the Council may grant the licence subject to a condition that it shall be of no effect until confirmed by the Council.

(2) The Council shall confirm any licence granted by virtue of the foregoing sub-paragraph if and when they are satisfied that the premises have been completed in accordance with the plans aforesaid, or in accordance with those plans as modified with the approval of the Council, and that the licence is held by a fit and proper person.—[Sir K. Joseph.]