HC Deb 21 April 1947 vol 436 cc619-778

Order for Consideration, as amended (in the Standing Committee), read.

3.40 p.m.

The Secretary of State for Scotland (Mr. Westwood)

I beg to move, That the Bill be recommitted to a Committee of the whole House in respect of the Amendments in Clause 5, page 4, line 5; Clause 22, page 22, line 4; Clause 22, page 22, line 14; Clause 29, page 24, line 7; Clause 64. page 52, line 25; Clause 79, page 59, line 40; of the New Clauses [Power of local health authorities regarding research] and [Power of local health authority to contribute to expenditure on co-ordination of services]; and of the Amendments in Schedule 11, page 78, line 16; Schedule 11, page 80, line 31, and Schedule 11, page 83, line 3, standing on the Notice Paper in the name of Mr. Secretary Westwood. This recommittal Motion is necessary because the Amendments referred to in it involve, or may involve, an additional charge either on the Exchequer or on certain local ratepayers.

Lieut.-Colonel Sir Thomas Moore (Ayr Burghs)

On a point of Order. Is not this procedure somewhat unusual? We are being asked to recommit these various Clauses, and to make what are perhaps fundamental changes in the Bill as at present printed, and then to give the Bill its Third Reading. Is this in accordance with the normal procedure?

Mr. Speaker

It is quite a normal procedure, particularly as the Amendments involve possible financial charges, otherwise they would have been out of Order. It is perhaps unfortunate that they were not thought of before, but that is the position. Without recommitting the Bill, we cannot make these Amendments.

Captain Crookshank (Gainsborough)

Is it not unusual that new Amendments, involving charges, should be taken on the same day as that on which we are being asked to complete our consideration of the Bill and give our decision upon its Third Reading? After all, the Bill has not been brought in at very short notice, and we can only conclude that these omissions are the result of inadequate discussions on the part of the Government with the Parliamentary draftsmen.

Bill immediately considered in Committee.

[Mr. HUBERT BEAUMONT in the Chair]

  1. CLAUSE 5.—(Accommodation for private patients.) 274 words
  2. cc621-34
  3. CLAUSE 22.—(Care of mothers and young children.) 5,095 words
  4. cc634-5
  5. CLAUSE 29.—(Appointed day for the purposes of Part III.) 250 words
  6. cc635-41
  7. CLAUSE 64.—(Superannuation of officers.) 2,380 words
  8. c641
  9. CLAUSE 79.—(Short title and extent.) 58 words
  10. cc641-8
  11. NEW CLAUSE.—(Powers of local health authorities regarding research.) 2,705 words
  12. cc649-54
  13. NEW CLAUSE.—(Power of local health authority to contribute to expenditure on co-ordination of services.) 2,077 words
  14. cc654-5
  15. ELEVENTH SCHEDULE.—(Consequential amendments and repeals.) 585 words
  16. cc656-75
  17. CLAUSE 5.—(Accommodation for private patients.) 7,084 words
  18. cc679-87
  19. CLAUSE 8.—(Hospital Endowments Commission.) 4,615 words, 2 divisions
  20. cc675-9
  21. CLAUSE 7.—(Endowments of voluntary hospitals.) 1,158 words
  22. c687
  23. CLAUSE 9.—(Supplementary provisions relating to transfer of hospital property and liabilities.) 147 words
  24. cc687-97
  25. CLAUSE 12.—(Functions of Regional Hospital Boards and Boards of Management.) 4,095 words, 1 division
  26. cc697-9
  27. CLAUSE 15.—(Health centres.) 710 words
  28. cc699-700
  29. CLAUSE 27.—(Prevention of illness, care and after-care.) 244 words
  30. c700
  31. CLAUSE 28.—(Domestic help.) 75 words
  32. c700
  33. CLAUSE 30.—(Executive Councils.) 62 words
  34. cc700-2
  35. CLAUSE 33.—(Distribution of medical practitioners providing services.) 787 words
  36. cc703-11
  37. CLAUSE 34.—(Prohibition of sale of medical practices.) 4,045 words, 1 division
  38. cc711-4
  39. CLAUSE 35.—(Compensation for loss of right to sell a medical practice.) 871 words
  40. c714
  41. CLAUSE 41.—(Disqualification of persons providing services.) 183 words
  42. cc715-20
  43. CLAUSE 42.—(Powers of Secretary of State where services are inadequate.) 2,506 words, 1 division
  44. c721
  45. CLAUSE 45.— (Decision of disputes.) 138 words
  46. c721
  47. CLAUSE 57.—(Power of trustees to make payments to Regional Hospital Boards and Boards of Management.) 119 words
  48. cc721-2
  49. CLAUSE 63—(Qualifications, remuneration and conditions of service of officers.) 240 words
  50. c722
  51. CLAUSE 68.—(Protection of certain bodies and their officers.) 153 words
  52. cc722-5
  53. CLAUSE 71.—(Regulations and orders.) 869 words
  54. cc725-77
  55. CLAUSE 77.— (Expression "Asylum' to cease to be used.) 21,265 words, 1 division
  56. cc777-8
  57. ADJOURNMENT 16 words