HC Deb 14 December 1937 vol 330 cc999-1129

Considered in Committee. [Progress, 13th December.]

[Captain BOURNE in the Chair.]

  1. Clause 7.—(Ascertainment and distribution of compensation.) 3,054 words
  2. cc1006-65
  3. CLAUSE 8.—(Rights and obligations arising from contract for sale to have effect in respect of interim period.) 25,383 words, 4 divisions
  4. cc1065-8
  5. CLAUSE 9.—(Notice to the Commission, and effect, of dispositions made during interim period.) 1,245 words
  6. cc1068-9
  7. Clause 11.—(Powers of Commission for consolidation of leases before the vesting date.) 476 words
  8. cc1069-93
  9. CLAUSE 12.—(Right of freeholder in Possession of coal to lease thereof.) 10,065 words, 1 division
  10. cc1094-7
  11. CLAUSE 13.—(Provisions as to obtaining information for purposes of Part I.) 1,415 words
  12. cc1097-106
  13. CLAUSE 14.—(Powers of the Commission in relation to underground land other than coal.) 3,266 words
  14. cc1106-19
  15. CLAUSE 15.—(Commission to have exclusive rights to search and bore for coal.) 5,742 words, 1 division
  16. cc1119-25
  17. CLAUSE 16.—(Coal not to be alienated from the Commission.) 2,903 words, 1 division
  18. cc1125-7
  19. CLAUSE 17.—(Restriction on certain dispositions by lessees of coal.) 204 words
  20. cc1127-9
  21. CLAUSE 18.—(Amendments of working facilities enactments.) 1,049 words