HC Deb 29 November 1934 vol 295 cc1009-11

May I ask the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury the business for next week?


Monday: Second Reading of the Depressed Areas (Development and Improvement) Bill, and Committee stage of the necessary Money Resolution.

Tuesday: Committee stage of the British Shipping (Assistance) (Money) Resolution, and Report stage of the Depressed Areas (Money) Resolution.

Wednesday: Committee stage of the Electricity (Supply) Bill, and Report stage of the British Shipping (Money) Resolution.

Thursday: Committee stage of the Depressed Areas Bill.

The business for Friday will be announced later.

On any day, should there be time, other Orders may be taken.

I may add that the Money Resolution connected with the Shipping Assistance Bill will appear on the Order Paper tomorrow and the White Paper will also be in the hands of hon. Members to-morrow.


Will the White Paper contain particulars of the profits made by shipowners during the War?


Would it not be possible to take the British Shipping Assistance Money Resolution on a day other than Tuesday, so as to give two days for the Second Reading of the Depressed Areas Bill and the Money Resolution? As the order of business looks at the moment, it appears that there will be only one day really for the Depressed Areas Bill and the Money Resolution, and I think the Parliamentary Secretary will find that we shall want to discuss the British Shipping (Assistance) Bill rather longer than was contemplated in the arrangement of business.


According to the programme that I have just read, one whole day is being given to the Committee stage of the British Shipping (Assistance) (Money) Resolution. In the present state of emergency of the matter, the Government do not consider it to be unreasonable to ask the House to dispose of the Second Reading of the Depressed Areas Bill and the Committee stage of the necessary Financial Resolution on the same day. The right hon. Gentleman will realise that this subject has been discussed recently during the Debates on the motion for an Address in reply to the King's Speech, and he will also be aware that the question of the depressed areas was debated at the end of last Session. Therefore, in the circumstances and in view of the urgency of the matter, it does not seem unreasonable to ask the House to complete the programme which I have outlined.


We are quite willing to allow one day for the British Shipping Bill. We are not asking for less time for that Measure, but, considering the large number of hon. Members who are supporters of the Government who will want to discuss the Depressed Areas Bill, we consider that for the Second Reading and Money Resolution we should have two complete days. I am really asking the right hon. and gallant Gentleman to put the Shipping Bill down for another night.


The Government are always willing to listen to representations made by the right hon. Gentle- man or indeed by Members in all quarters of the House. Perhaps conversations can take place through the usual channels.


Is it the intention of the Government to carry the Shipping Bill through all its stages before the end of the year?


That must depend on the progress we can make. The hon. Member is no doubt aware that continued demands are being made on the Government and there are only a certain number of days before Christmas.


Will the Parliamentary Secretary reconsider the decision to take the Electricity Bill on the Floor of the House having regard to the extreme complexity of the Measure? If he can arrange to send it elsewhere, then obviously he will have a day to spare.


Is the Parliamentary Secretary aware that in the discussions on the depressed areas a good many hon. Members did not have an opportunity of speaking and that most of those who did speak were Members of his own party? Ought we not to have more time?


It is Mr. Speaker who calls on hon. Members to speak, not me.


Would it not be much better to hustle on with both these Measures rather than just talk about them?