HC Deb 04 December 1934 vol 295 cc1400-1
22. Lieut.-Colonel Sir ARNOLD WILSON

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether he can state the number of acres let for allotments and the number of allotment holders in England and Wales in 1914, 1920, and 1932; and whether, with a view to encouraging the provision of allotments, he will consider the intro- duction of a consolidation Bill which will embody the existing law on the subject in a form accessible and intelligible to a parish meeting or other council under Section 22 (1) of the Allotments Act, 1922?


I have been asked to reply. A statement is being circulated in the OFFICIAL REPORT giving as far as possible the information asked for in the first part of the question. As regards the second part, my right hon. Friend is afraid it is not possible to contemplate consolidation of the

Land provided for Allotments in England arid Wales.
Year. Land provided by Councils under the Allotments Acts. Land let by Private Owners direct to plot-holders or Allotment Associations. Total.
No, of Allotment Holders. Acreage. No. of Allotment. Holders. Acreage. No. of Allotment Holders. Acreage.
Acres. Acres. Acres.
1914 130,526 and 52 associations. 33,523 Not known Not known
1920 584,256 and 3 associations.* 65,474 598,157 and 3 associations. 98,784 1,182,413 and 6 associations.* 164,258
1930† 454,399 61,135 492,534 80,811 946,933† 141,946
* After making allowance for the fact that some local authorities were unable to give precise information as to private allotments in their area and that some authorities did not render returns, it was estimated that the total number of allotment holders on 31st December, 1920, was about 1,330,000.
† This is the latest year for which returns from all local authorities were called for, the total number of allotment holders being estimated at 965,000 (see preceding note).