HC Deb 28 March 1933 vol 276 cc840-2
47. Major NATHAN

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury if he is able to state the revenue received during the current fiscal year in respect of each of the 43 categories of imports particularised in the monthly trade and navigation accounts?


The particulars required for the nine months ended 31st December, 1932, the latest date for which information is available, are given in a statement which, with my hon. and gallant Friend's permission, I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the statement:

STATEMENT showing the approximate amount of revenue collected under each of the 43 categories of imports, particularised in the monthly trade and navigation accounts, during the nine months ended 31st December, 1932.
I. Food, Drink and tobacco
A. Grain and flour 479,000
B. Feeding stuffs for animals 254,000
C. Meat 632,000
D. Animals, living, for food 1,021,000
E and F. Other food and drink 6,134,000
G. Tobacco 51,480,000
Total 85,523,000

II. Raw Materials and Articles mainly Unmanufactured—
A. Coal
B. Other non-metallic mining and quarry products and the like 102,000
C. Iron ore and scrap 1,000
D. Non-ferrous metalliferous ores and scrap 2,000
E. Wood and timber 1,679,000
F. Raw cotton and cotton waste 10,000
G. Wool, raw and waste and woollen rags
H. Silk, raw, knubs and noils 361,000
I. Other textile materials 57,000
J. Oil seeds, nuts, oils, fats, resins and gums 254,000
K. Hides and skins, undressed 3,000
L. Paper-making materials 19,000
M. Rubber 4,000
N. Miscellaneous raw materials and articles mainly unmanufactured 338,000
Total 2,830,000
III. Articles wholly or mainly Manufactured—
A. Coke and manufactured fuel 1,000
B. Pottery, glass, abrasives, etc. 603,000
C. Iron and steel and manufactures thereof 1,237,000
D. Non-ferrous metals and manufactures thereof 246,000
E. Cutlery, hardware, implements and instruments 788,000
F. Electrical goods and apparatus 395,000
G. Machinery 818,000
H. Manufactures of wood and timber 468,000
I. Cotton yarns and manufactures 286,000
J. Woollen and worsted yarns and manufactures 199,000
K. Silk yarns and manufactures *3,196,000
L. Manufactures of other textile materials
M. Apparel
N. Chemicals, drugs, dyes and colours 590,000
O. Oils, fata and resins, manufactured 27,643,000
P. Leather and manufactures thereof 277,000
Q. Paper cardboard, etc. 1,178,000
R. Vehicles (including locomotives, ships and aircraft) 572,000
S. Rubber manufactures 181,000
T. Miscellaneous articles wholly or mainly manufactured 2,725,000
Total 41,403,000
IV. Animals, not for Food 66,000
Total 129,822,000
* The Revenue statistics are not compiled in a form permitting of the allocation of the silk revenue to the separate trade groups.