HC Deb 14 December 1933 vol 284 c565

Considered in Committee.

[Sir DENNIS HERBERT in the Chair.]

4.5 p.m.


Let me call the attention of the Committee, before we proceed with this Bill, to the fact that the Bill contains in a Schedule a copy of an Act of the Newfoundland Legislature. As printed there are a number of trifling errors in that Schedule. The Public Bill Office and I myself have gone through these very carefully, and I am prepared to assure the Committee that those corrections, which will be made as printers' corrections, are not errors of substance of any kind whatever. As an example, I may perhaps mention that a large majority of them consist of the omission of the word "the," as, for instance, "loan and interest thereon" instead of "loan and the interest thereon." I thought it was only right that as these corrections are very numerous, the fact should be mentioned to the Committee.

  1. CLAUSE 1.—(Power to issue Letters Patent providing for the administration of Newfoundland, and provision as to revocation and amendment thereof.) 55,354 words, 8 divisions
  2. cc701-67
  3. CLAUSE 2.—(Power of Secretary of State to make advances to Newfoundland.) 26,114 words, 4 divisions
  4. cc767-87
  5. CLAUSE 3.—(Guarantee of certain securities of Newfoundland.) 8,695 words, 4 divisions
  6. cc787-95
  7. CLAUSE 4.—(Power of Treasury to make temporary advances to Newfoundland.) 3,842 words, 3 divisions
  8. cc795-800
  9. CLAUSE 5.—(Amendment of Colonial Development Act, 1929.) 2,047 words, 4 divisions
  10. cc800-3
  11. CLAUSE 6.—(Short Title). 1,697 words, 3 divisions