HC Deb 30 June 1932 vol 267 cc2061-121

Order for Consideration of Lords Amendments read.

Motion made, and Question, "That the Lords Amendments be now considered," put, and agreed to.—[Mr. O. Stanley.]

Lords Amendments considered accordingly.

  1. CLAUSE 1.—(Juvenile courts.) 2,003 words
  2. cc2066-8
  3. CLAUSE 7.—(Provisions with respect to remands and bail.) 505 words
  4. c2068
  5. Clause 9.—(Powers of Juvenile Court in respect of children and young persons needing care or protection.) 233 words
  6. cc2069-95
  7. CLAUSE 15.—(Amendments as to summary trial of children for indictable offences.) 10,978 words
  8. c2095
  9. CLAUSE 21.—(Principles to be observed by courts in dealing with children and young persons.) 11 words
  10. cc2095-7
  11. NEW CLAUSE A.—("Conviction" and "sentence" not to be used in relation to juveniles dealt with summarily.) 809 words
  12. cc2097-8
  13. CLAUSE 27.—(Contents of approved school orders.) 223 words
  14. c2098
  15. CLAUSE 34.—(Contributions by local authorities in respect of persons sent to approved schools.) 128 words
  16. cc2098-100
  17. CLAUSE 37.—(Provision of remand homes by councils of counties and county boroughs.) 596 words
  18. cc2100-1
  19. CLAUSE 43.—(Provision of approved schools by local authorities.) 597 words
  20. c2102
  21. CLAUSE 44.—(Power to send, children and young persons from Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands to approved schools in Great Britain.) 108 words
  22. c2102
  23. CLAUSE 47.—(Control over homes.) 163 words
  24. cc2102-7
  25. CLAUSE 48.—(Restrictions on employment of children.) 2,170 words, 1 division
  26. c2107
  27. CLAUSE 49.—(Power of local authority to make by-laws with respect to employment of children.) 11 words
  28. cc2107-21
  29. NEW CLAUSE B.—(Power of local authority to make by-laws with respect to employment of juvenile persons.) 5,425 words