HC Deb 10 February 1932 vol 261 c833
18. Lieut.-Commander AGNEW

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether he will state what is the number of the naval personnel and reserves of the United States, France, Italy, and Japan at the latest available date; and whether he will include such figures in future issues of the Fleets Return?


As regards the first part of the question, I will with my hon. and gallant Friend's permission, circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT the approximate numbers of naval personnel. As regards the second part of the question, the possibility of including such figures in future issues of the Fleets Return will be considered before the next Return becomes due for issue.

Following are the numbers referred to:

The approximate numbers of naval personnel (excluding cadets) are as follow:

U. S. A.—107,000.

France—58,050 plus about 3,150 port seamen and retired men; excludes about 5,250 Air Service personnel.

Italy—51,000 includes about 300 port captains.


I would observe, however, that these numbers are not necessarily comparable.

The number of Naval Reserves of the United States of America on 30th June, 1931, was 42,508. The Japanese Naval Reserves number about 50,000. No recent numbers of reserves of France or Italy are available.