HC Deb 10 February 1932 vol 261 cc869-70

2 "That—

  1. (i) there shall be charged, in accordance with the provisions of this Resolution, on the importation into the United Kingdom of any goods to which this Resolution applies such duties of customs as are hereinafter provided:
  2. (ii) the goods to which this Resolution shall apply shall be goods of any class or description which—
    1. (a) are liable to any general ad valorem customs duty which may be charged by any Act of the present Session for giving effect to this and any other Resolution; and
    2. (b) appear to the Committee to be constituted for the purpose of giving advice and assistance to the Treasury in connection with the discharge by the Treasury of any of their functions under the aforesaid Act, to be either articles of luxury or articles of a kind which are being produced or are likely within a reasonable time to be produced in the United Kingdom in quantities which are substantial in relation to United Kingdom consumption; and
    3. (c) are the subject of a recommendation by the Committee aforesaid to the Treasury to the effect that an additional duty of customs should be charged thereon;
  3. (iii) the Treasury, after receiving such a recommendation as aforesaid, may by order direct that an additional duty of customs shall be charged on all or any of the goods specified in the recommendation at a rate not exceeding the rate specified in the recommendation;
  4. 870
  5. (iv) Any additional duties, according as may be directed by the order aforesaid, may be charged—
    1. (a) by reference to value, to weight, to measurement, or to quantity;
    2. (b) for any period or periods, whether continuous or not, or without any limit of period;
    3. (c) at different rates for different periods or parts of periods."