HC Deb 22 May 1930 vol 239 cc577-8

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether, seeing that it is proposed under the Young Plan to invite British investors to subscribe money to finance the coming German reparation loan to be issued in New York, London, Paris and elsewhere, he will arrange that there shall be a delay in the issue of the part which is to be allocated to London until British industry has obtained the capital necessary for its reorganisation?


British investors will not be invited to subscribe to the issues of the reparation loan made in markets other than London. As regards the issue on the London market, I have already stated that the money subscribed will be applied to the redemption of Debt and will therefore be returned to the market, so that the operation can in no way affect the provision of capital for British industry.


asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer when the promised White Paper, showing the amounts and due dates of the reparations to be received by the British Exchequer under the agreement entered into by him at the Hague, will be presented?


The White Paper showing the receipts of the British Exchequer under the Hague Agreements, is in course of preparation. The White Paper will include the text of the Trust Agreement as finally signed, and also a table showing the annual receipts of Great Britain both under the Young Plan and from the Hague Annuities. The reason for the delay is that the Trust Agreement has not yet been signed, but it is expected that it will be signed in Paris this week, and the White Paper will be issued as soon as possible after the receipt of authentic copies.