HC Deb 30 January 1930 vol 234 cc1219-366

Order for consideration of Lords Amendments read.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the Lords Amendments be now-considered."


May I ask whether, as is somewhat customary on these occasions, either the Minister in charge of the Bill or whoever is leading on the Government Bench will give the House any general idea of what course it is proposed to pursue with regard to the Amendments?

The MINISTER of LABOUR (Miss Bondfield)

I take it that the order will be to take the Amendments seriatim.

Question put, and agreed to.

Lords Amendments considered accordingly.

  1. CLAUSE 2.—(Rates of benefit.) 1,257 words
  2. c1223
  3. CLAUSE 4.—(Amendment as to disqualifications for receipt of benefit.) 11 words
  4. cc1223-81
  5. NEW CLAUSE A.—(Amendment as to disqualifications for receipt of benefit.) 23,825 words, 1 division
  6. cc1281-311
  7. CLAUSE 6.—(Repeal of fourth Statutory condition.) 11,800 words, 1 division
  8. c1311
  9. CLAUSE 8.—(Examination and determination of claims.) 110 words
  10. cc1311-21
  11. CLAUSE 16.—(Further amendment of s. 14 (2) of 17 & 18 Geo. 5. c. 30.) 3,050 words, 1 division
  12. cc1321-7
  13. CLAUSE 17.—(Minor Amendments.) 5,311 words, 3 divisions
  14. cc1327-31
  15. CLAUSE 19.—(Transitory provisions.) 337 words
  16. cc1331-53
  17. CLAUSE 20.—(Interpretation, repeal, application, short title, and commencement.) 10,547 words, 7 divisions
  18. cc1353-64
  19. SECOND SCHBDULE.—(Minor Amendments.) 3,606 words
  20. cc1364-6
  21. THIRD SCHEDULE.—(Enactments Re-pealed.) 795 words