HC Deb 09 November 1926 vol 199 cc917-1045

As amended (in the Standing Committee) considered.


I do not propose to move the New Clause (As to supply in bulk in London), standing in my name. I am putting down an Amendment to a later Clause.


On a point of Order. May I make a suggestion in regard to the consideration of the Amendments before the House. Would it be possible, Mr. Speaker, for you to arrange that all the Amendments put down to the Bill should have an identification number, as was done when a similarly long list of Amendments were considered in Standing Committee, and that that identification number should not be changed so long as the Amendment remains upon the Order Paper? We have 25 pages of Amendments before us, and it would be very useful during this stage and in connection with any correspondence which we may be carrying on as individuals in connection with these Amendments, if it could be arranged that they should have an identification number.


I am aware of the procedure which has been adopted upstairs, but I am not able at present to adopt it on the Floor of the House. The New Clause (Constitution of the Board) standing in the name of the hon. and learned Member for Watford (Mr. Dennis Herbert) should come as an Amendment to Clause 1. The hon. and learned Member has it on the Paper there.

  1. NEW CLAUSE.—(Certain powers of the Electricity Commissioners to be exercised by. the Board.) 1,839 words
  2. cc922-5
  3. NEW CLAUSE.—(As to alteration of frequency.) 1,169 words
  4. cc925-32
  5. NEW CLAUSE.—(Limitation on power of Board to give financial assistance.) 2,758 words
  6. cc932-47
  7. NEW CLAUSE.—(Tribunal of appeal.) 6,159 words
  8. cc947-55
  9. NEW CLAUSE.—(Amendment of s. 23 of Act of 1909.) 2,977 words
  10. cc955-62
  11. NEW CLAUSE.—(Advisory Boards, etc., not to be superseded by joint electricity authorities.) 2,924 words
  12. cc962-70
  13. NEW CLAUSE.—(Sale of fittings.) 2,979 words
  14. cc970-1
  15. NEW CLAUSE.—(Amendment to s. 21 of The Electricity (Supply) Act, 1919.) 576 words
  16. cc972-85
  17. CLAUSE 1.—(Constitution of Central Electricity Board.) 5,217 words
  18. cc985-1012
  19. CLAUSE 2.—(General powers and duties of Board.) 10,927 words, 1 division
  20. c1012
  21. CLAUSE 3.—(Appointment of consultative technical committees.) 38 words
  22. cc1012-36
  23. CLAUSE 4.—(Preparation and carrying out of scheme.) 9,123 words
  24. cc1036-45
  25. CLAUSE 5.—(Existing selected stations.) 3,311 words
  26. c1045
  27. FACTORIES (No. 2) BILL. 9 words