HC Deb 30 October 1919 vol 120 cc867-8

asked the Home Secretary if, prior to the War, the Monmouthshire police were allowed one day's rest per week, but that during the War they were deprived of this owing to the depletion of the force, no payment being made for this extra duty; that when application was made for payment the Standing Joint Committee were informed that an Act of Parliament had been passed which prevented any payment being made for those days; and will he state what Act this was and when it was passed?


I think the Police (Weekly Rest Day) Act, 1910, must be the Act referred to, but its effect is not as stated in the question. The weekly rest day was granted to the police on the express condition that it might be suspended during an emergency such as the War, and the police cannot therefore claim additional pay as of right; but there is nothing in the Act to prevent the police authority, if it sees reason to do so, from granting extra pay, or—which appears the better course—from giving time off in place of the lost rest days.


May we take it from the fact that the Home Office have answered this question referring to the Monmouthshire police that in future that is the proper Department to which to address questions affecting the police all over the country, and not merely the London police?


I should be sorry to answer the question off-hand; if my hon. Friend will put down a question, I will give him the answer.