HC Deb 12 March 1919 vol 113 cc1269-70

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that a certain shed or building situate at Dinas Mawddwy, County of Merioneth, was taken over for the purpose of storing explosives; whether tenders were invited for the repair of the building; whether the lowest tender was accepted and what was the amount of such tender; whether the building has been condemned on account of dampness and what quantity of explosives is kept there; whether a superintendent, two clerks, eleven workmen, and about ten soldiers are retained there; if so, for what purpose and at what cost per week, including separation allowances; and whether, in the interest of economy, he will cause the explosives to be removed forthwith and the men released?


I have been asked to answer this question. The premises referred to were derelict, and were taken over for the storage of explosives. The necessary repairs were carried out on the basis of cost, plus a reasonable profit, and came to £1,136. The building has not been condemned, nor does it suffer from dampness. The explosives in the magazine are being disposed of, and the quantity at present there is 197 tons. As soon as this has been removed, about 1,400 tons of another class; of explosives will be stored there. The Magazine Regulations do not admit of the two classes of explosives being stored together. The military guard is provided by the War Office. The civil staff consists of a superintendent, two clerks, a foreman and ten workmen, whose salaries amount approximately to £110 per month. In view of the large quantities of explosives for which storage accommodation has to be found, it is not proposed for the present to shut down this magazine.