HC Deb 22 July 1919 vol 118 cc1286-326

Lords Amendments considered.

10.0 P.M.


Perhaps it would ix: to the convenience of the House if I mad,: a general statement. The Amendments which are on the. Paper are, generally speaking, Amendments with which I shall ask the House to agree, because a considerable number of them are drafting Amendments, which it was necessary to get inserted in the Bill in the House of Lords, and several others which have been moved in their Lordships House were the subject of discussion, and, I think everyone will agree, represent improvements in the Bill. There are three or four others which, I have no doubt, will give rise to discussion. I may say, however, that the Amendments in the first page of the Paper I shall ask the House to accept. The Amendments on page 4 of the Bill may lye thought to lead to some delay in the acceleration of schemes, but in view of the financial considerations involved they are thoroughly reasonable. We do not propose to object to the Amendments on pages two and three, which are practically all drafting Amendments except the one at the bottom of page 2 and the one on page 3, which latter specially relates to the West Riding of Yorkshire and really rounds off the provisions of the Hill. Most of the others are drafting Amendments. It is not until we come to page 5 that I shall ask the House to take exception to their Lordships Amendments. The Amendment on page 4 of the Paper, page 12 of the original Bill, were those that were discussed at considerable length on Report stage, and carry out the general understanding that was arrived at in this House. The Amendment on page 5 of the Paper, page 16, line 2, I shall ask the House, on the grounds stated, when we come to it, to disagree with, and I shall invite the House to make some alterations in the phraseology of the Amendment relating to materials on page 17, line 8, on page 5 of the Paper, because it would be imposing a statutory condition on a Government Department for all time, which is not reasonable or intended. On page 7 of the Paper there is a further Amendment, under the heading page 2, line 29, and the following under line 31, which I shall ask the House to disagree with. The others are in the main drafting Amendments, except that on page 6, the Amendment relating to page 21, which somewhat alters the Bill as it left the House of Commons, so that when a private person wishes to set aside certain covenants and the local authority is of opinion that it is desirable in the making of certain alterations that these covenants should be altered in the interests of housing, the consent of the County Court should be required in that case. It concerns covenants between two individuals, and I think that it is quite right that the County Court should be applied to there. The Amendment which appears at some length on page 8 is really inserted to meet points raised by the Commissioners of Woods and Forests. I have also a command from His Majesty that His Majesty, having been informed of the purport of this Amendment, gives his consent so far as His Majesty's interests are concerned that the House may do therein as they think fit. When we come to page 10 there is an Amendment leaving out Clause 41 which I shall ask the House to differ, and I shall ask them to reinsert the Clause. But in order to meet what we think was fair criticism, and which influenced a good many of their Lordships, we propose to ask the House to reinstate the Clause with a slight modification, and an indication, which was really intended, that the town-planning schemes which may be required shall be in a simpler form than those required by the Statute at the present time. I think that that modification should meet a great deal of the objection which was urged against the Clause. With those exceptions I do not propose to take any exception to their Lordships Amendment. From some statements which have appeared in the Press there appears to be a mistaken impression with regard to some of their Lordships Amendments to the Bill, but I think that no Bill could have received more fair and sympathetic treatment.

  1. CLAUSE 1.— (Duty of Local Authority to Prepare Housing Schemes.) 833 words
  2. cc1289-90
  3. CLAUSE 3. — (Power to Authorize. County Council to Act in Place of Local Authority.) 240 words
  4. c1290
  5. CLAUSE 4, — (Power of Load Government Board to Act in Place of the Local Authority.) 120 words
  6. cc1290-1
  7. CLAUSE 5. — (Power to Act in Default of Local Authority under Parts I. and II. of Principal Act.) 248 words
  8. cc1291-2
  9. CLAUSE 7. —(power to Recoup Losses) 593 words
  10. cc1292-3
  11. CLAUSE 8. —(Borrowing Power of County Councils in connection with- the Housing of Employés.) 270 words
  12. c1293
  13. CLAUSE 9 —(Provisions Assessment of Compensation.) 253 words
  14. cc1293-5
  15. CLAUSE 10. — (Power of Entry on Land Acquired.) 536 words
  16. c1295
  17. CLAUSE 12—(Additional Powers on to Acquisition of Land and Houses.) 215 words
  18. c1296
  19. CLAUSE 14. — (Power to Acquire Water Rights.) 212 words
  20. cc1296-7
  21. CLAUSE 15. — (Powers Dealing with Land Acquired.) 208 words
  22. cc1297-8
  23. CLAUSE 16. — (Power of Local Government Board to As, in Preparation of Schemes.) 382 words
  24. c1298
  25. CLAUSE 17. — (Occupation of House Erected by Local Authority not to Disqualify for Election to Local Authority.) 124 words
  26. c1298
  27. CLAUSE 18. — (Power of Promoting and Assisting Public Utility Societies.) 182 words
  28. c1299
  29. CLALUSE 19. — (Power of Contributing to Costs Incurred by Public Utility Societies and Housing Trusts.) 164 words
  30. cc1299-300
  31. CLAUSE 20— (Loans to Public Utility Societies.) 621 words
  32. cc1301-4
  33. CLAUSE 21. — [Loan to Private Persons] 1,625 words
  34. cc1304-6
  35. CLAUSE 22. — (Loans by Local Authorities for the. Improvement of Housing Accommodation) 576 words
  36. cc1306-9
  37. CLAUSE 23. — (Relaxation of By-laws.) 1,294 words
  38. c1309
  39. CLAUSE 24. — (Consent of Local Authority to Erection and Use of Building) 71 words
  40. cc1309-11
  41. CLAUSE "25. — (By-laws Respecting Houses Divided into Separate Tenements.) 792 words
  42. cc1311-2
  43. CLAUSE 26. — (Power to Authorize Conversion of a House into several Tenements.) 246 words
  44. cc1312-4
  45. CLAUSE 27. —(Repair of Houses.) 723 words
  46. c1314
  47. NEW CLAUSE—(Information to Tenants of Houses for the Working Classes.) 199 words
  48. cc1314-5
  49. CLAUSE 29. — [Extension of Powers under Settled Land Art, 1882.] 162 words
  50. cc1315-6
  51. CLAUSE 32.— (Arrangements between the Local Government Board and Other Departments.) 430 words
  52. c1316
  53. CLAUSE 34, — (Procedure and Minor Amendments of Housing Acts.) 84 words
  54. cc1316-7
  55. CLAUSE 35. — [Continuation.] 244 words
  56. cc1317-8
  57. CLAUSE 36. — (.Application to London of Certain Provisions of the Housing Acts.) 431 words
  58. c1318
  59. CLAUSE 38. — (Extension of Power to Make Regulations an to Procedure.) 241 words
  60. cc1319-22
  61. CLAUSE 41. — (Duty of Local Authorities to Prepare Town Planning Scheme.) 1,552 words
  62. cc1323-6
  63. CLAUSE 42. — (Power of Local Government Board to Requite Town Planning Scheme.) 1,234 words