HC Deb 17 October 1916 vol 86 cc354-5

asked the Secretary for War whether he has considered the many anomalies due to the present system of promotion of officers in the Army and in particular the rapidity of the promotion of inexperienced officers in certain units and the stagnation of promotion in other units; whether he has considered whether the system of promotion which was suitable for a regular standing Army in time of peace is suitable for a newly-raised Army under present conditions; and whether he proposes to take any action?


I am aware that anomalies arise from time to time in this matter. Where this is so it is usually due to the fact that casualties do not occur in equal proportions in different regiments and arms of the Service. Other causes leading to vacancies are also not constant in their operation. The only method by which promotion could be absolutely equalised would be by the placing of all officers on a general list, but this is open to many objections which will be obvious to my hon. Friend. That new wine does not readily go into old bottles has all along been realised by the Army Council, and the system of promotion in the units of the new Armies differs in several respects from that in force in the Regular Army in peace time. This system of promotion has been found to work well, and it is not proposed to alter it.

74. Mr. CROOKS

asked whether it is proposed to promote captains and lieutenants in the Artillery on completion of fifteen years' and six years' service respectively?


No, Sir. It is not proposed to do this. I am advised that promotion in the Royal Artillery is proceeding so quickly that my right hon. Friend's proposal is unnecessary.