HC Deb 22 February 1916 vol 80 cc574-7

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether there are extra police stationed in any county in Ireland now, imposing a burden on the rates; if so, in what counties, how many in each, at what cost, and on account of the prevalence of what crimes as shown by the Assizes of 1915?


There are extra forces of police in the counties of Clare and Galway, nineteen men in the former and two head constables and sixty-four men in the latter. The present rate of cost to the ratepayers of these counties is £836 and £4,000 a year respectively, but is diminishing. The extra forces are stationed in these counties under the authority of a Proclamation of the Lord Lieutenant declaring the counties to be in a state of disturbance and to require an additional force of police. At the Assizes in 1915, 104 serious crimes committed in Clare and 210 in Galway were reported to the judges. The extra forces are required for the protection of the persons and property of obnoxious persons as well as for the prevention of crime.

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