HC Deb 22 June 1915 vol 72 cc1040-1

asked under what conditions it is proposed to make transfers of members of the Territorial Forces who have signed the general service paper; what will be the minimum units of Yeomanry and Infantry, respectively, in which such transfers will be made; and by whose authority and under what conditions transfers will be made from mounted regiments to foot regiments?


It is only intended to make use of these powers in exceptional circumstances. I cannot state the minimum numbers who may be transferred at one time. There is, however, no intention of transferring individuals, but transfers may be expected to consist of considerable bodies, such as a company. Transfers will be made under the authority of the Army Council.

Colonel YATE

Will the men transferred from Cavalry to Infantry be transferred with their own officers, or will they have to serve under strange officers?


I think that in all human reasonable probability every transfer will be made under the officers of the regiment and not to strangers.


Will the right hon. Gentleman see that the transfers from Cavalry regiments to Infantry battalions will be limited in number as far as possible?


Of course there is no intention of utilising these powers except in exceptional circumstances, as I have stated, and where an emergency has shown the necessity for them.