HC Deb 07 June 1915 vol 72 cc67-8
18. Mr. NIELD

asked the President of the Local Government Board whether, in connection with the proposed building of a santorium by the Middlesex County Council at Mayland, Essex, he is aware that since the outbreak or War the council have decided that, while completing the purchase of the site, it was not desirable to apply for the consent of the Board to borrow a large sum of public money for the building, or to apply to the Public Works Loan Commissioners for a loan, or go to the public in competition with the Treasury at a time like the present when the whole resources of the country are urgently required to be husbanded or employed for the vigorous prosecution of the War in order to bring about its speedy conclusion; and whether such course has received his sanction?


I am aware of the resolutions passed by the county council at their meetings in January and May last. No sanction on my part is required in the circumstances described in the question; but if the hon. Member wishes to know whether I think that undertakings of this kind should be postponed in the present circumstances, I can inform him that I do.

22. Mr. NIELD

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether, having regard to the measures taken by the Government to limit and control the expenditure of public money upon purposes not connected with the War, he is prepared to sanction the advance by the Public Works Loan Board of the sum requisite for the erection by the Middlesex County Council of a large sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis; whether he is aware that the county council has upon two occasions debated the advisability of proceeding with the matter during the period of the War, and each time decided the question in the negative; and whether, having regard to such conclusions, he will refuse to give any facilities for the scheme to be proceeded with?


This matter is one for my right hon. Friend the President of the Local Government Board in the first instance, and, having regard to the reply which he has given on this subject to-day, I do not think it probable that any application for a loan will come before the Public Works Loan Board or the Treasury for sanction at present.