HC Deb 30 March 1914 vol 60 c823

asked the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that Miss N. Griffiths, who entered the Post Office service at Hanley on the 17th June, 1912, as a girl probationer has been retained on half-time duties as a telephonist since September, 1912, at the rate of 5s. per week; whether the usual rate for such employment is 7s. per week; whether probationers, in the regulations respecting their employment, are promised that their services will be retained if they satisfy the Civil Service Commissioners as to their character and physical and educational fitness for the situation; and whether, in view of the long period of half-time duty, he will direct that this officer be placed on full-time duty and the current rate of pay given?


Miss Griffiths was engaged as a temporary girl probationer in June, 1912, but since September, 1912, has been employed either as part-time telephonist at wages of 5s. a week or as temporary full-time telephonist at wages of 10s. a week. Wages of 5s., not 7s., a week are those proper to a girl at Hanley under eighteen years of age acting as part-time telephonist for four hours a day. Miss Griffiths is at present acting as a temporary full-time telephonist and will be considered in due course for a permanent appointment.