HC Deb 30 March 1914 vol 60 cc823-4

askd the Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture (Ireland) whether his Department have any knowledge of the fact that foreign Governments have for some years back been purchasing all the mares suitable for breeding which they can get in Ireland; and whether there is any foundation for the fear that the stock of mares for Home breeding purposes will soon become seriously depleted if some action is not taken to encourage owners of mares to retain them in this country?


The following were the total numbers of stallions, mares, and geldings exported from Ireland on behalf of foreign Governments during the seven months, June to December, 1910, inclusive, and during each of the years 1911, 1912, and 1913:—

Stallions. Mares. Geldings. Total Horses.
Seven months June to December, 1910 1 1,022 534 1,557
Year, 1911 2 2,434 1,314 3,750
Year, 1912 3,428 1,885 5,313
Year, 1913 2 3,847 2,175 6,024
No record of the numbers of horses exported on behalf of foreign Governments was kept prior to June, 1910. The Department do not apprehend serious consequences of a permanent character following the export that has taken place. On the contrary, any increase in the demand for and price of horses is bound to stimulate horse-breeding.