HC Deb 06 March 1913 vol 49 c11

asked the Secretary to the Treasury if his attention has been called to cases in which the Land Court, in fixing an equitable rent, had made large reductions in rent because the buildings were much requiring repair; whether he has made inquiry to find out if the landlords in question had, on an average, during the five years before, spent on maintenance, repairs, insurance, and management of each of the holdings one-eighth of the rental paid by the tenants; if he has not done so, will he have such inquiry made; whether, under the Income Tax provisions, one-eighth part of the rent paid by agricultural tenants is deducted from the sum in calculating the landlord's income and the landlord relieved of tax accordingly; and if the landlord is entitled to exemption and, at the same time, to appropriate the money to his own use?


I am not aware of the cases to which the first part of the hon. Member's question refers. A uniform allowance for Income Tax purposes of one-eighth of the annual value of lands is made in respect of "Repairs, etc.," irrespective of the conditions of tenancy and of whether the landlord actually executes the repairs. A further allowance up to 25 per cent. (inclusive of the one-eighth) of the annual value is made only on production of evidence as to the actual expenditure. Both allowances are statutory.