HC Deb 26 February 1912 vol 34 cc996-7

asked the Prime Minister whether his attention has been called to a proclamation signed by Lord Londonderry, a lieutenant of a county, inviting the people of Belfast to prevent a public meeting from being held to be addressed by a Minister of the Crown; whether, having regard to the fact that Lord Londonderry is a member of the Privy Councils of Great Britain and Ireland and lieutenant of the county of Down, in whom is vested the nomination of a vice-lieutenant and deputy-lieutenant of that county and the selection of persons for the magisterial bench, and in whom also is vested, as county lieutenant, the nominations for commisisons in the North Down Regiment, offices held at the pleasure of the Crown, the Government intend, in the interests of the preservation of law and order, be take any and, if so, what steps in reference to his retention of those offices or any of them?

Mr. McKENNA (for the Prime Minister)

I am aware of the facts mentioned by the hon. Member, but I do not think it necessary to take any action with regard to them.


May I ask if ever a question has been asked before by the hon. Member in the interests of the preservation of law and order?

Captain CRAIG

May I ask whether the hon. Gentleman is aware that the loyal people of Ulster hope that Lord Londonderry will take the chair on any opportunities of a similar nature when civil and religious liberties are in danger?


Is the hon. Gentleman aware that twenty-two Members of this House have been imprisoned for less offences than Lord Londonderry's?


We cannot have these debates on every question.