HC Deb 15 September 1909 vol 10 cc2150-1

I wish to put a point of Order arising on the Resolution passed by this House yesterday, which was as follows:— That when the Development and Road Improvement Funds Bill is under consideration, Standing Committee C have leave to sit while the House is sitting and after Four of the Clock. Under Standing Order 47 it is provided that a Committee shall not sit while the House is sitting, except in pursuance of a Resolution of the Committee, moved by the Member in charge of the Bill before the Committee. That, I submit, is a specific condition imposed by the Standing Order of the House—that any Standing Committee which desires to sit after the commencement of the sitting of the House must pass such a Resolution in addition to getting an Order of the house if it desires to sit beyond 4.0 p.m. I wish to ask whether there is anything in the Resolution arrived at yesterday which takes away from the Standing Order the words "except in pursuance of a Resolution moved by the Member in charge of the Bill before the Committee." I wish to know whether it is competent for a Committee to sit after the sitting of the House, unless a Resolution is passed by it for that purpose, moved by the Member in charge of the Bill under the Standing Order?


I think the Resolution passed by the House yesterday overrides the Standing Order so far as the Development Bill is concerned. The Standing Order holds good up to such time as the House otherwise orders. In respect of this particular Bill the House has made other arrangements with regard to the sittings of the Committee, and, therefore, what the House decided yesterday seems to override the provisions of Standing Order 47 in regard to that Bill.