HC Deb 25 November 1909 vol 13 cc349-50

asked the Prime Minister whether any agreement exists between this country and Russia imposing disabilities upon British subjects of the Jewish faith who are journalists, in the event of such subjects applying to the Russian consulate in London for their passports to be viséd; whether he is aware that a Mr. M. J. Landa, a British subject and a Jew, acting in the capacity of a special correspondent of the "Daily News "newspaper, was so treated; and, in view of this fact, will representations be made to the Russian Government to remove such restriction from the journalistic profession?


The circumstances of the Russian Consul-General having refused to visér Mr. Landa's passport has been brought to the notice of His Majesty's Government. No agreement exists of the nature referred to in the question, and I would beg to refer to the reply given on 17th November last to the hon. Member for Kilkenny. So long as the Russian regulations respecting persons of the Jewish faith are applied to all persons alike, irrespective of their nationality, which His Majesty's Government have reason to believe to be the case, they have no treaty grounds for protest. It is not practicable to ask for special exceptions to be made in favour of one particular profession.