HC Deb 03 November 1909 vol 12 c1809

asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware that 25 more pickets outside the establishment of the Orchestrelle Company, Bond-street, London, have been charged with obstruction and fined 5s. or five days' imprisonment; that at the trial no independent evidence was adduced; and whether he will give instructions to the police that so long as the pickets themselves do not create obstruction they are to be unmolested?


further asked the Home Secretary whether he is aware that the general secretary of the French Polishers' Society, Edward James Rudd, who has been charged for obstruction in connection with the picketing of the establishment of the Orchestrelle Company, Bond-street, and fined 10s. or five days' imprisonment, was taking no part in the picketing whatever; and whether he will inquire into the matter with a view to the remission, if possible, of the fine or imprisonment?


I am informed by the magistrate that, with regard to the 25 pickets, the circumstances were precisely similar to those of the case to which the hon. Member drew my attention on Monday, and my reply must be the same as on that occasion. The proceedings were taken only because actual obstruction was caused. With regard to Rudd, the magistrate informs me that he was proved by his own admission, as well as by other evidence, to have organised and superintended the demonstration which caused the obstruction. I see no reason, therefore, for any interference. The magistrate is perfectly willing to state a case for the opinion of the High Court if the defendants think that their rights under the Trade Disputes Act are affected, or upon any other point of law which may be raised.