HC Deb 17 May 1909 vol 5 c4

asked the Secretary of State for War whether the detachments of Territorial regiments attending at Windsor to receive their colours were expected to do at their own expense; and, if so, having regard to the absence of private regimental funds to meet the cost, which would fall on the commanding officers, whether he would take steps to see that an allowance was made out of public money towards the travelling and other expenses of the detachments upon this occasion?


While on general principles the expense of journeys of a voluntary character, and not made on service, ought not to fall on Army funds, the Government take the view that the unique ceremony of presentation for the first time to our new Territorial force of colours by His Majesty is an occasion of a special character. It has therefore been decided that under the exceptional circumstances the following grants should be made for the Colour party of two subalterns and three sergeants (one subaltern and three sergeants in the case of mounted units), and for a detachment of ten non-commissioned officers and men:—

  1. (a) Railway fares at Territorial Force rates.
  2. (b) Travelling allowances according to the time occupied on the journey on the following basis:—
Officers.—Daily rate, 3s. 6d. or 6s., or nightly rate of 15s.

Non-commissioned officers and men.—Daily rate, Is. or 1s. 6d., or nightly rate of 3s. 6d.