HC Deb 28 June 1909 vol 7 cc31-2

asked whether Mr. Richard J. Walsh, of Cordal, county Kerry, was a judicial tenant of his farm up to the time he refused to pay the excessive purchase price forced on him by the landlord; whether Mr. Walsh was ever actually put out of occupation except by a legal process known as the eviction-made-easy method; whether he was really in fact, though not in a legal sense, in occupation till last Tuesday; whether he offered a payment of rent and to leave the settlement of purchase terms to the Estates Commissioners; and whether an inspector visited the lands on 18th June and reported the landlord's terms as excessive and the tenant's offer a reasonable one?


I have already stated that Mr. Walsh was not a tenant at the time he was evicted, and he was not, therefore, in a position to purchase the holding under the Land Purchase Acts. As to the remainder of the question, I have nothing to add to my previous answers.


Does the right hon. Gentleman deny that the circumstances indicated in the question are a correct representation of the facts connected with Mr. Walsh's position?


I do not think it gives at all a correct account of what took place.