HC Deb 22 July 1909 vol 8 c598

asked if the right hon. Gentleman would state the number of schemes initiated to acquire lands compulsorily under the Evicted Tenants Act of 1907; in how many cases when there was full opposition by the owners were the Estates Commissioners unsuccessful, and and was the failure due to defects in the Act referred to, or would he indicate the nature of the causes which rendered the proceedings abortive; would he say what quantity of land had been acquired when the full powers of the Act had had to be invoked; and was it proposed to improve the methods at present in use, and thus avoid future failure?


I must ask the hon. Member to await the issue of the Annual Report of the Estates Commissioners, which will contain the information which he requires. The Report is in the printer's hands, and it is hoped that it will be ready for presentation to Parliament before the end of the month.


Are we to understand that when the landlord officially says there is an objection the thing is dropped?


I do not think so. I am prepared to admit that it is a difficult and complicated question, as the hon. Member will see when he reads the Report.