HC Deb 15 July 1909 vol 7 c2305

I have to inform the House that I have received the following letter:—

High Court of Justice in Ireland, King's Bench


Dublin. 13th July, 1909.


I am directed by the honourable Mr. Justice Boyd to inform yon that Mr. Nicholas Joseph Murphy, of Bally-hale, county Kilkenny, grocer, baker, and publican, was adjudicated a bankrupt in this Court, on the 10th day of July, 1908, and that the order of adjudication has not been annulled, which fact I am to certify pursuant to sections 41 and 42 of the 35 and 36 Victoria, c. 58.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient servant,

H. F. GILSON, Deputy Registrar.

In accordance with that, I have to announce to the House that the seat for South Kilkenny is thereby rendered vacant.