HC Deb 05 July 1909 vol 7 cc813-4

asked the Secretary of State for War, in view of irregularities which had occurred in the supplies of food and forage to the Yeomanry and the Army, and of the practice of excusing such by permitting the contractor to remove the inferior quality and to supply better quality, whether, with a view of securing an improvement in the supplies made for these services, he would consider the advisability, when such irregularities occurred, of imposing a fine upon the contractor for every such failure properly to execute his contract, and, on its repetition, of the contractor being at once suspended in the execution of his contract, and of supplies being bought in at his expense against the contract, and a disqualification placed against him for future arrangements?


I am not aware of the irregularities which are stated to have occurred in the supplies of food and forage to Yeomanry or to the Army. The conditions of contract provide for the replacements by the contractor of any supplies that have been objected to as not in accordance with specifications. Contractors who are guilty of irregularities are dealt with in accordance with the contract conditions and, if it is considered desirable, are placed on the ineligible list.


Will the Department consider the advisability of taking steps to obtain more direct control over supplies and the infliction of punishment when irregularities occur?


That will be considered.