HC Deb 16 August 1909 vol 9 cc1058-9

[Considered in Committee.]

The PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY to the TREASURY (Mr. Joseph Pease) moved, "That, in pursuance of the provisions of any Act of the present Session to amend the Law relating to Customs and Inland Revenue, it is expedient:—

  1. (1) to discontinue in certain cases the payment of drawback on tobacco refuse;
  2. (2) to discontinue certain limitations and exemptions from Stamp Duty allowed under The Stamp Act, 1891;
  3. (3) to discontinue the allowance of discount on the prepayment of Income Tax, and to limit the amount of the deduction on account of rates to be allowed in assessing to Income Tax tithe rent-charge to the amount of rates actually paid.


May I ask when I can move a new clause?

The DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN (Mr. Caldwell)

That does not apply at present. When the Bill is in Committee, that is the time to move a new clause.


This is only a money Resolution, which will have to be reported to the House. There will be a further opportunity of dealing with this Bill in Committee, and I will see there are opportunities given.

Resolution agreed to, to be reported to-morrow.